Jim Carbine

A Maryland Trial Lawyer

With over 40 years of experience representing businesses and entrepreneurs in business disputes, contract disputes, real estate disputes and regulatory matters.

A Team Approach

By using temporary support staff (at cost) and associations with attorneys specializing in subject areas unique to a particular dispute (also at cost), James E. Carbine, P.C. is able to put together a specially designed law firm for each case.

James E. Carbine, P.C., is the stand alone practice of Jim Carbine, who represents businesses, entrepreneurs and other individuals in high profile complex commercial disputes, as both plaintiffs and defendants.

The former head of the Weinberg and Green Litigation Department, Mr. Carbine left the large firm environment to become a sole practitioner in August of 1996.  Since then, Mr. Carbine has continued a civil business litigation practice on his own much like his previous, large law firm case load.

With the added flexibility afforded by the low overhead of a solo practice, Mr. Carbine is able to handle most cases by himself. The resulting efficiencies can create realistic budget for handling a million dollar dispute or one for $60,000 and less.


Martindale-Hubble AV rated attorney (highest possible peer review rating) continuously since 1988

What Clients Say?

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With Jim Carbine, I get large firm service at small firm rates.

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Jim Carbine is like my American Express card. I never go anywhere without him.

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What a difference a year makes. We started out the year with a major obligation hanging over our head; and, thanks to you we will end the year with the issue resolved.