Billing Policy


Hourly Rate:  James E. Carbine, P.C., charges for its legal services on an hourly rate basis.  The current hourly rate is $295.  This hourly rate covers all of the firm's overhead expenses, including many overhead items customarily charged by other law firms.  Therefore, clients will not be charged separately for such items as facsimile transmissions, long distance phone calls, secretarial overtime and convenience photocopying.

Disbursements:  Clients will be billed separately only for out-of-pocket expenditures incurred as a part of the representation.  Examples of these expenditures are vendor fees for computerized legal research, filing fees, expert witness fees, deposition transcript fees, messenger and delivery charges, travel expenses, charges for any large photocopying jobs, fees charged by attorneys engaged to assist in your representation, and charges billed by any other vendors hired to assist in your representation.  All expenses are billed at cost.  There are no mark-ups.

Retainers.  James E. Carbine, P.C. reserves the right to condition representation on the advance payment of a retainer. When received, retainers are deposited in the firm's Clients' Funds Account.  The firm will draw upon this retainer and apply it against all current charges after they are billed on my normal monthly billing cycle.  Clients receive an informational invoice when this occurs.  Should the representation covered by the retainer conclude prior to the exhaustion of the retainer, any portion of  the retainer in excess of the fees and disbursements charged is refunded to the client.

Payment.  Clients are billed once a month, typically on the first business day of the month.  Each bill is due and payable upon receipt.  James E. Carbine, P.C., reserves the right to discontinue the firm's representation of clients if any of its bills are not promptly paid.

Credit card payment accepted.