[Note: Current cases are not listed.]
Representation of a general contractor in a in a dispute with the owner involving cost overruns in the construction of an outpatient medical center.  Case settled in 2016.
Representation of a real estate developer in a suit against a title company for failing to disclose a title defect.  A trial court judgment in favor of the developer after trial in 2009, was affirmed by the Maryland Court of Appeals in 2013, establishing the principle that a title company can be liable in negligence even if there is no title insurance coverage.
Representation of a national non-profit whose previous attorney allowed a default judgment against it for 2.5 million. The default judgment was vacated and the case settled favorably in 2014.
Representation of a borrower who had a default judgment entered against him in an uncontested proceeding in Virginia in favor of the lender for $500,000.  The default judgment was vacated and the case settled in 2011 without any liability on the part of the borrower.
Representation of a partner in a bar over a failed buy-out.  The case settled favorably in 2010.
Representation of shareholders in a successful corporate takeover of a construction company in 2010.
Representation of a prime contractor to the Navy in a million dollar arbitration with its subcontractor.  The contract involved the provision of building services at the Navy's Patuxent River Naval Air Station.  The 2005 arbitration award resulted in a substantial damages award in favor of the prime contractor for its losses plus reimbursement for its attorney's fees.
Representation of a publicly traded Houston-based diversified transportation company in defense of a lawsuit brought in the District of Columbia by a competitor.  The 1997 lawsuit sought to block a multimillion dollar acquisition in the State of Michigan.  After successfully defeating attempts for preliminary injunctive relief, the plaintiff/competitor dismissed the action.
Representation of several local appraisers being sued for professional malpractice, one of which was a part of a multimillion dollar class action lawsuit in Baltimore City.  The final case settled after a jury verdict was partially overturned on appeal.
Representation of the owner in a multi-million dollar construction dispute involving the owner, the lender and the general contractor of a real estate development project in Ocean City, Maryland.  Case concluded in 2010.
Representation of a minority shareholder in a shareholder's derivative suit filed in 1974 over the ownership and development of a large residential community in Anne Arundel County, Maryland.  Trials in 1977 and 1979 which were later affirmed on appeal in 1982 recovered in excess of $2 million on behalf of the corporation and resulted in an award of legal fees to the successful minority shareholder.  The case concluded in 2001.
Representation of a publicly traded environmental services company in litigation involving undisclosed contingent liabilities arising out of a $17 million stock acquisition.  Case settled during trial in 1993.  The terms of settlement are confidential.
Representation of a marina operator in a lease dispute with a major tenant.  Case settled in 2008.
Representation of a real estate developer in an insurance coverage dispute involving environmental hazards on property under development.  The case settled in 2003.
Representation of a Baltimore-based printing business in an action for accounting malpractice arising out of a failed merger.  The case settled.  The terms of the settlement are confidential.
Representation of a nationally known advertising firm, during the early 1980's in substantial employee and account raiding suits in Baltimore, Maryland and Houston, Texas.